Bluebeard's Castle St. Thomas

Bluebeard's Castle and Beach Resorts include Bluebeard's Castle Hotel, Bluebeard's Castle Beach Club & Villas and Elysian Beach Resort. Bluebeard and other swashbuckling pirates flourished in St. Thomas in the 1600's. Bluebeard picked the prime location on the island to construct his castle. A round watchtower was built from which he could see in all directions, approaching ships and ensuing danger. The incredible view from the entire complex, which once overlooked invading ships, now overlooks the harbor which welcomes cruise ships from all over the world. Bluebeard's no longer offers piracy, but privacy. Bluebeard's Castle has stood for over 300 years. For nearly 50 of those years, it has been a world famous luxury resort hotel.